Commissioning code requirements for MN and ND projects

February 18, 2020


If you are working on a project in Minnesota or North Dakota make sure to check your local codes for requirements on commissioning. There are multiple codes, organizations, and certifications that reference commissioning that many are not aware of. 


Here are links for these sites for Minnesota and North Dakota projects. 

MN Department of Education


MN B3 Guidelines

MN State Building Code (references chapter 4, section C408 of the IECC)

ND State Building Code (references chapter 4, section C408 of the IECC)

2018 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code)


We don't want to see anyone get caught off guard by these requirements so make sure to review these requirements as soon as you start planning your project!


Give us a call if you have any questions or need help with commissioning on your project.

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