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About Us

Cooper Commissioning formed in 2018 with the goal of providing an exceptional service to our clients that goes above and beyond the industry standard. We believe that commissioning should be an independent (3rd-party), detail-oriented process of verifying and documenting that equipment and systems are installed and operating to meet the contract document requirements to meet the Owners needs. We strongly believe the path to a well-functioning and energy efficient building is our hands-on technical commissioning approach. This approach ensures commissioning is carried out in a way that meets the intent of commissioning process: to ensure, document, and enhance the building systems' operation.  


We believe anything short of the technical commissioning process leaves the Owner with sub-optimal building performance. Our commissioning agents bring years worth of experience to every phase of the design and construction process; this experience is unique in being able to identify potential problems BEFORE they are expensive issues during and after construction. We believe any approach short of this technical approach places too much of a burden on contractors who (rightly) have other areas of focus and expertise; in addition, other approaches (process-based) provide only a spot check of mechanical equipment at any point in the construction process by the CxA, leaving potential problems and expenses for the Owner well after construction is completed. 


That is why we operate based on a technical commissioning approach - we WANT to be on-site more often and be more involved in our Clients projects. With the ever increasing complexity of today's buildings, we feel that the process approach is not enough to ensure that everything is working as it should.

We are completely independent of Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, allowing us to provide a true 3rd party commissioning service. We have a passion in making sure buildings perform and are efficient because we believe a building can be both efficient and functional.


Our team has a combined 20 years of commissioning experience and 40 years of industry experience. We have a broad background of experience ranging from design and drafting to the operation of HVAC systems for commercial, healthcare, education, and industrial facilities as well as general construction experience.  


Our professional experience includes construction management, general construction, medical facilities operation, maintenance engineer, as well as commissioning, re-commissioning, retro-commissioning and monitoring based commissioning. We believe this experience gives us a well-rounded and unique perspective allowing us to see a project through the eyes of all team members.


Our team is dedicated to continually growing our knowledge to allow us to better serve our clients. Our staff holds certifications through NEBB, Building Commissioning Association, and University of Wisconsin-Madison for Building Systems Commissioning, Certified Commissioning Professional, Commissioning Process Provider, and Building Envelope Commissioning.

Our Team


Andy Cooper

Owner / Commissiong Agent

Andy has over 23 years' experience in the HVAC industry which comes from drafting, design, and commissioning work. The last 16 years have been dedicated exclusively to commissioning various building systems. Andy holds certifications of BCxA CCP, NEBB BSC, BECxP, and CxA+BE. His strengths are attention to detail, broad industry knowledge, and organizational skills.

Adriane 5x5 black and white.jpg

Adriane Cooper

Administrative Support / Commissioning Specialist

Adriane handles HR/administrative duties for Cooper Commissioning as well as assists with on-site testing as required.

Andrew Ross b&w.jpg


Commissioning Specialist

Andrew assists with creation of project specific check sheets and testing sheets, on-site inspections, functional verification testing, and other commissioning activities.



Commissioning Specialists

We also have two other commissioning specialists on-staff to assist with any on-site project testing and inspections as required.

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