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Our Team

Andy Cooper

Owner, President, Cx Agent


Andy has led, and will continue to lead, 100% of our projects at CCx. He has worked collaboratively with Owners, A/E teams, and facilities staff in his 17 years as a Cx agent. Andy is the reason nearly all of our business is from repeat clients or referrals. 


Andy started Cooper Commissioning six years ago after experiencing frustration with the direction larger firms were taking their Cx process. Leading a firm means Andy can prioritize delivering excellent service that is tailored to each client without any bureaucracy getting in the way. 


First-time clients can experience a degree of frustration with Andy’s exacting standards, but after seeing that his questions, attention to every detail, and tenacity deliver the functional building that the Owner needs, first-time clients become repeat clients. 


Andrew Ross

Cx Specialist


Andrew works tirelessly on the day-to-day tasks at CCx. He is either on-site checking every last piece of equipment or in the office combing through specifications and plans to be sure every relevant detail is included in our checks and tests. Andrew leaves no stone unturned (or ceiling tile unlifted) to verify the equipment in a project. 

Adriane Cooper

Project Manager


Adriane’s work at CCx entails making sure the right people have the information they need when they need it. She also tracks all of the details related to our projects. She draws on experience from her years as an educator to make sure all our t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Adriane enjoys working with people and will ensure nothing slips through the cracks in your project. 


Joe Cooper

Cx Specialist

Joe is currently a student at MSTATE studying graphic design, but his parents (Andy and Adriane) are trying to entice him into joining the family business. He is mechanically inclined, good at finding his way around a building and equipment, and not half-bad at functional testing. 

Professional Engineer 

We have a PE on call when we want an extra set of eyes on a problems! 

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