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Cooper Commissioning Services


New Commissioning

Including the following:

  • Owner Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design (BOD) review and assistance

  • Document reviews

  • Shop drawing reviews

  • Field Observation Reports

  • Prefunctional checklists

  • Equipment start-up verification

  • TAB verification

  • Functional performance testing

  • O&M manual review

  • Systems manual

  • Owner training verification

  • Owner training videotaping

  • 10-month warranty review



For when:

Re-commissioning is similar to new commissioning; however, this service is performed when your building has been previously commissioned. Industry standards suggest that buildings be re-commissioned every 3-5 years on average to maintain optimal performance of your facility.



For when:

Retro-commissioning is the service that you want if your building has never been commissioned before. With this service offering, we will perform basic functional testing of your HVAC equipment and provide you with a base-line of how the building is operating. We can also look at your utility usage and assist in possible solutions and options to bring your facility into an efficient operating state.

Modern plant control room and computer monitors.jpg

Monitoring Based Commissioning

For when:

This service can be used as an option if you are pursuing LEED certification and are seeking the enhanced commissioning credit option. This can also be used to monitor the health of your building after it has been commissioned to ensure efficiency doesn't drift due to normal wear and tear on equipment or user over-rides.

Exterior of a Building

Building Envelope Commissioning

What is this?

Building envelope commissioning deals with the envelope of your building, i.e, insulation, air and water barriers, doors, windows, roof, etc.
This is typically utilized when your building is being built and commissioning scope starts during the design phase of your project. We would perform design reviews specifically for the building envelope. Services would then continue on through-out the construction of your building.

Heat Pump Service


When you need help

If you are having problems with HVAC equipment or systems and you can't quite figure out what is the cause of the problem, we can help.

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