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We are Experienced. 


We have over 20 combined years of experience doing commissioning work in buildings of all sizes in many sectors and 55 combined years in commercial HVAC design experience. We get to the root cause of functional issues that no one else can because we look at the building as a whole system.

By hiring us, you are guaranteed to have our technical expert Andy Cooper supervising and executing the Cx portion of the project. Andy will be leading all of the technical work onsite, completing all reviews of design/submittals/manuals/etc., supervising all less-technical work onsite, and supervising the writing of all the checks and tests for your building. 

Staff number: 5                     Completed Projects: 70                   Current Projects: 32


Cooper Commissioning was formed in 2018 with the goal of providing an exceptional commissioning service for our clients that goes above and beyond the industry standard. We believe commissioning should be an independent, detail-oriented process of verifying and documenting that equipment is installed and operating as intended to meet our client’s needs.

As a small firm, we understand you might be concerned with our capacity to provide adequate staffing to meet the needs of your project. Commissioning is a unique service in the construction process. Due to the nature of building commissioning, a large staff isn’t required or even possible to have onsite. Since our process is fluid and continuous with the flow of the project, our commissioning effort consists of multiple short and intense periods on-site rather than a continuous presence for the duration of construction. 

We are often measured against large national firms boasting significant staff numbers; however, the reality of building commissioning, especially during the functional verification testing, is that the building and process can only support a limited amount of concurrent testing. If you try to throw too many people into a building to test everything at once, you end up with interference between systems and equipment that can mask costly mistakes. 

The majority of our work comes from repeat business and referrals. You will find that our staff and work are second to none.

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