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Our Process

In all phases, our work consists of 3 interdependent components:


DOCUMENTATION - decisions and issues need to be recorded in a common, easily accessible location. This lowers the resistance of contractors and teams to use the system.


COORDINATION - communication needs to be proactive and constructive. 


VERIFICATION - proof is needed of each component meeting the design intent (as well as the remediation of deficiencies).


We are able to provide this documentation, coordination, and verification because that is who we are: a dedicated team that delivers buildings that are functional. Each of us enjoys solving problems for the Owner and building positive working relationships with all members of the project team. 


All commissioning services will be provided by our in-house staff. We have extensive experience in all aspects of commissioning you are looking for in this project. We will not employ subcontractors for any part of our scope. 


We use Bluerithm to manage documentation, communication, and verification. Bluerithm is a cloud-based commissioning platform, which will house the masters issue log which will be accessible by all team members. We manage this platform for the entire duration of the project. We work with individual contractors to ensure communication is open and the issues log is kept up-to-date.

We are Meticulous.

We are extremely detail oriented. We track many thousands of items on hundreds of pieces of equipment on a typical project. Each of these items is verified by a member of our team. Our team members are tenacious in tracking down every detail they need to ensure every piece of equipment in every system commissioned has met specification and design intent.


We are all family in this firm, so we have to get along at the end of the day. We can conduct intensely rigorous reviews of each other’s work while maintaining a positive working relationship with each other. 


We are often the ones called in to identify the source of problems in buildings that no other team members have been able to. 



We are Collaborators. 

We are not inspectors, but part of the construction team throughout the entire building process. When the construction team can deliver a functional building, everyone looks good! 


We ensure a consistent line of clear communication for addressing issues and getting deficiencies corrected in a timely manner.

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