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We understand that your building needs to work.

We are focused on getting and keeping your building functional, now and into the future.

At CCx, we work tirelessly to ensure the Owner is delivered a building that functions per design intent. Our continuous analysis during design and submittal reviews, prefunctional checks during construction, and functional performance testing ensures that equipment is operating in a way that meets Owners' needs.



  1. We verify all commissioned systems are complete, functional, and aligned with the design intent. 

  2. The bulk of our work on-site consists of functional testing; however, we have processes in place well ahead of functional testing to ensure the smoothest process throughout construction and to project completion. 

  3. We analyze systems with an eye to the future, determining if systems are functioning in a way that may decrease the expected lifespan of equipment. 

  4. Our processes meet or exceed NEBB, ASHRAE, IECC, and BCxA standards/code requirements. 


What sets us apart:

We have extensive experience in commissioning a wide variety of buildings, equipment, and systems. This experience gives us a unique perspective and ability to not only ensure individual equipment is installed and functioning properly, but that systems interact in a way that meets your needs.

We specialize in the technical commissioning approach. This means we are the ones who are personally inspecting, testing, and verifying that the components in your building are installed and functioning as designed.

We stand for integrity: We believe in honest, straightforward communication and service.


We are nimble and efficient: We are a small, family-owned company. Our size allows us to be flexible in our approach to commissioning each project and to maintain exacting standards in our commissioning process.

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