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The importance of having your Commissioning Agent on-site

Just a quick vlog post on an example of why you want your Commissioning Agent to be on-site during functional testing. There are things that can happen or occur to equipment that unless you are in the thick of it, on-site, you would never know they had happened.

I have witnessed some interesting things during my years of commissioning ranging from air handling unit fans sound like they were going to take off due to a particular harmonic frequency to humidifiers flowing water like a fire hydrant.

In this example, we found cavitation through a 3-way control valve when the AHU went into bypass on the chilled water coil. This would be impossible to identify if trying to perform functional testing via remote log-in while you are sitting in your office.

I'll keep this post short, we wanted to give video posts a try so I'll let the video do the talking! If you want to know more about commissioning, check out our FAQ section and other posts - also don't forget to subscribe!

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