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Brody Lavelle and his Team were hired to perform retro-commissioning services for the Veterans Medical Center network 23 representing eleven hospitals.  Their highly experienced staff created a benchmark performance of the existing HVAC equipment for each hospital and it’s building automation controls system.  Their detailed study included a list of energy savings opportunities and the cost to implement them.  Some of the simple repairs were low cost and easy to make; some were more investment oriented like the complete upgrade of the building automation system.  We are now enjoying the benefits of retro-commissioning through lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs and improved building comfort.  I would highly recommend Brody Lavelle based on the success achieved on our retro-commissioning project for VISN 23.


Brody Lavelle and his team of highly trained professionals worked with the Veterans Administration network 23 for over a year.  Brody and his team understand what it takes to fix building operating problems whether it involves initial function testing and commissioning or retro-commissioning.  They also bring innovative ideas to the table that save money in energy and make the building function properly.  Brody and his team developed a level of trust that they will deliver quality products and services each project whether large or small.


Matt Helde

Energy Engineer

Minneapolis Veterans Medical Center

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